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Fic help

Once upon a time I wrote this little fic about Clint with a hidden talent for drawing ( I’ve been struck by an urge to write Phil with a hidden talent (because I feel like we don’t have enough fics about Phil being awesome at something other than BAMFery), but I can’t land on a talent I want him to have. So, does anyone have suggestions? Ever wanted to read a fic about Phil being fantastic at something completely unSHIELD related?

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How bra stores seem to think things work:

Anything smaller than a C cup:must be pre-pubescent. Ugly patterns, and colours. Lots of animals and stripes. Training bras. You're 12, right?
C to D cup:A woman! Pretty lacy things, nice patterns, large variety.
Anything over a D cup:Beige. Lots and lots of beige.
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Agents of SHIELD


If you have been a fan of the show from the beginning, reblog this.

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"You have shot a lot of bad guys over the years, are you a good aim? Are you good with a gun, genuinely?"

"I suppose… I guess I can do it."

"I’m just planing something…"

"Well… don’t break into my house, that’s all I’ll say."

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